To get to our condo, heading west from the Piilani Highway onto Wailea Ike Drive, drive past Wailea Ekolu Place to the next left turn (Wailea Ike Place).  Turn left going across the eastbound lanes into Ekolu Village.  Follow the drive up the hill to the end. 




There are a few baby furniture rental places on-island.  Those that we know of are:

Maui Baby Rentals, 1-808-250-4968.  This is a relatively new company with a good website; quality merchandise.  They offer price matches.

Nokaoi Baby Rentals, 1-808-446-6729.  A very complete list of items from sterilizers & humidifiers to bikes, badminton, beach and baby items.

Baby's Away, 1-808-942-9030

Akamai Mother's Rentals, 1-808-298-1336

Wild Wheels Wentals, 1-808-879-0220 or 1-800-339-4743

Nana Enterprises, 1-808-879-6262 or 1-888-584-6262

Baby Furniture Rentals on Maui, 1-808-879-4342


Child Care:  (We haven't used any; just word of mouth)

Nanny Connection, 1-808-875-4777.  If you call from the mainland they will call you back.




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